Walking in the Dark

Have you ever tried walking in the dark?  It may seem easy, at first…we think, “Oh, I won’t turn on a light…I only have a little way to go.”  But things look different in the dark.  They even feel different in the dark!  Somethings even sound different in the dark!  And as we try to make our way in the dark, we may stumble…and even fall.  But when we have the light, we can see clearly.  Both the path, AND the obstacles.  We can see where we need to step…and what we need to avoid.  It’s just like that with our walk with God.  When we try to go it alone, without God, we stumble and fall.  We get hurt.  But when we walk in theLight…in HIS LIGHT,in HIS WORD, the path is much clearer.  We can more easily see the dangers and pitfalls.  And we can easier avoid them.  We may still stumble and fall, and even get hurt – we are human, after all  – but the likelihood is much less, the danger much less, the pain, much less severe. 

“Dear Lord, please help me to always remember to walk in Your Light.  To use Your Word as a light unto my path.  To never, never try to strike out on my own, without Your Word to guide me…no matter how near the destination may be.  Thank you, Lord, for Your Word, to guide us, and to show us the Way.  Amen.”


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