God provides

 God Will Provide!!

Philippians 4:19
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

The upcoming story took place almost a month ago:
Saturday was hectic; VERY hectic! My father-who has been widowed nearly a year- was to be married the next day (Sunday). To a wonderful, sweet woman. We all love her very much, and were very excited, looking forward to the wedding. Still, the days leading up to the wedding were stressful; deciding what to wear, making sure the car was cleaned out and ready to go, etc. So, Saturday morning, I let the dog outside to “do his business”- fully intending to be ready to take him to be boarded for the weekend, within the hour. But, he took off into the woods with a neighbor’s dog, and wouldn’t come back! I swear, that dog KNOWS when he is going to be boarded!! Finally, I left, went into town, and bought my shoes for the wedding. When I came back, still no Champ! I rode around looking for him, but finally gave up and came home to pack, but left the door open, in case he came back home. While I was packing, in he came; so I closed the door, grabbed the leash, and off we went; with only about an hour to spare, before the place we were boarding him at closed. On our way, Champ acted thirsty; so i took the lid off of my ice water, and let him drink some; yes, straight from my cup. I also didn’t put the lid back on; so I wouldn’t forget, and drink after him. About halfway there, I heard the sound no one ever wants to hear when driving; bump, bump, bump… I pulled off the road, looked, and, sure enough….a flat tire!!! ARUGHHH!!! So, I called my hubby, who was waiting to get his hair cut, and told him what happened. Being the man he is, he left the barber shop, (without getting his hair cut) and came to change my tire. I called the boarding place (Dog Days, in Alexandria; they are GREAT!) to let them know I would be running late. Then I started cleaning out my trunk, to get to the spare. In 100 degree heat. And kicking myself for not already having the trunk cleaned out…like my hubby had been after me to do for a while. Finally, the trunk was cleaned out, with the tire, jack, and tire tool by the car, waiting on hubby, and me in the car, with the air on full blast. Hubby showed up, began changing the tire, and the dog and I got into the other car and headed to Dog Days, calling to let them know I was on the way. I got to Dog Days in time, Gary got the tire changed and back home (did I mention it was 100 degrees?!?) so things were looking good. As I was walking from my car up to the house, Gary said, “Boy, I sure am glad you left your water in the car!” I froze in my tracks. Fighting back a grin, I asked him “Did you drink any of it?”
“Yeah-all of it!” he replied
“Did it taste ok?” I grinned.
“Yeah, it was great…why? he asked, suddenly wary. “Did the dog drink it?”
“Uh…yeah.” I said.
“Well, it was good-and I even ate the ice, too!”
You know, it may not always be the way we think it should be, but…God does provide!!
P.S….The wedding was wonderful!!! 🙂


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