I’m Sorry…

Proverbs 16:24 “Pleasant words are as honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”
I’m Sorry.  Words that are sometimes said too often-sometimes, not often enough.  Sometimes, they come easily- almost too easy.  “Sorry” we say, as we bump into someone.  Other times, those two words can be difficult to speak.  When we don’t feel we are in the wrong, for instance but we apologize in order to keep the peace.  Then, those two little words can be very difficult to say.  But when we KNOW we are in the wrong-when we have hurt those that we love the most; OH, THEN they seem inadequate, somehow.  Not quite enough.  We want to take back the hurtful words- or things- that were said or done.  But we can’t.  It’s like trying to but toothpaste back into a tube- impossible, and messy. 
I often get my feelings hurt- but, also, often say-or do- something that hurts others.  I want sensitivity, compassion, and thoughtfulness but often don’t display these same qualities to those I love most.
“Lord, help me to be sensitive to others ears, and hearts.  Help me to say only what you would have me to say, and do only what you would have me to do.  Make my words like honeycomb-sweet and healing- and not like vinegar-bitter and stinging.  Amen”


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