The GREATEST Compliment

I like compliments.  No, I LOVE compliments!  Not ones that are undeserving, of course-don’t compliment my looks when I’ve been working hard, sweating, and need a shower!  Or, when I’ve cooked something that tastes just AWFUL!!  But, when I am putting forth a real effort-and it turns out good- sure, compliment me!  Please!  I am married to a good man-a wonderful man!  He is a good provider, hard worker, friendly, involved in the community and most importantly, a Godly, Christian man.  However, he doesn’t dole out compliments not many, at least.  Sometimes, that bothers me: especially after reading Solomon’s Song of Songs; MY GOODNESS!!!  For instance, in chapter 7 verse 4:”…your neck is like an ivory tower” (sleek, long, graceful, like a swan) “Your eyes are the pools of Heshbon by the gate of Bath Rabbin” (like clear, deep pools of water”.  Then, in verse 5, “…your hair is like royal tapestry” (beautiful, rich, glossy, with depth of low lights and high lights!)  “the king is held captive by its tresses”.  Verse 6 “How beautiful you are and how pleasing, o love, with your delights.”  WOW!!!  THAT’S a string of compliments-and a great big love!!  However, our greatest compliment?  The fact that Jesus died for us.  He loves us, THAT much.  He truly is, the “Lover of my Soul”.
Yes, compliments are nice-but knowing you are loved? Even better.  Do I still like compliments?  Of course.  Do I still need them?  Absolutely!  (Are you listening, honey?;-)  Am I working at bringing them both together?  Yes!  But, maybe by looking outside of myself, and helping others, I will grow to the point where it doesn’t matter quite as much. 
“Lord, help me to be satisfied with the blessings you give to me.  Help me see them as compliments from you-in a beautiful day, the song of a bird, a gentle breeze when I am working hard, or a friend with just the right words to say.  Thank you, Lord, for truly being the ‘lover of my soul’.  Amen.”

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